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    Three cheers for a new ice cream shop in the Chinatown/Lake Merritt area! Three more cheers for ice cream that's delicious without using animal products!

    This little shop is brand new. They're already making really good ice cream though. Flavors rotate daily and range from standard to adventurous (example: coffee and avocado). There are a few sorbets but mostly soy-based. They do a good job letting you try different flavors and are very friendly and patient about it.

    We went with jasmine and earl grey. Especially loved jasmine but both were well-executed and didn't have the same creaminess issues as a lot of other vegan ice creams.

    $4 for a single, $6 for a double. There's only enough seating inside for two small parties so I would consider taking it to go and enjoying it by the lake!

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    Wasn't really sure where this is so we walked to where the donut shop was at the corner next to the bart station. Luckily for us, it was right next door and so close by!

    The ice cream - vegan and soy based are really delicious! The texture is very soft and just melts in your mouth!

    The person working, who I assumed to be Miguel based on the comments, was very nice and gave us samples of most of the flavors. I hope to come back again soon! I want to try all the different flavors they serve hahaha.

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    So happy that there's a vegan ice cream shop near Lake Merritt Bart station, super convenient to get to. Miguel, one of the owners, allowed me to taste several flavors and I loved them all! The ice cream wasn't too sweet and some of the flavors are unique.

    Go try it!

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    The man working here was so friendly and offered samples of any flavors. The ice cream is soy milk based and we had coffee and mint chip. Both were very good and reasonably priced for the size of scoops. Glad I found this place and I am always happy to support a business serving vegan items. VEGAN ICE CREAM YUM!

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    We just heard about this place today and decided to drive over after dinner. Super interesting flavors (read: delicious) and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

    Awkward parking situation, but we found a spot right out front!

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    Delicious ice cream!! And it's vegan, so even better. The owners are extremely friendly, the flavors are inventive and fresh (not just chocolate/strawberry/vanilla...but they have those too), and the place is brand new and clean.

    Definitely check this place out, I'll be back to try the new flavors (they were out of avocado and matcha)!

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    The lemon and strawberry favors are so yum!
    My friends like the coffee and chocolate favors.
    It's made from soy milk :D yay~*

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    This is soy milk based iced cream and no artificial color! My husband and I are lactose intolerant, and we are going with our 1 y/o kid, so this is perfect for us. Taste wayyyyyyy better then I thought, it's actually very delicious and creamy.

    What amazed me is they have LAVENDER flavor!!!! I've been looking for lavender ice cream for years after tried once from three twins. And their lavender ice cream satisfied my craving. (It looks like vanilla, because no artificial color)

    Too bad that I can't buy a pint back home. (They didn't sell pint at this point)

    Definitely coming back for more!!!

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    Listen up. . . I have been to nearly ALL the vegan ice cream joints in the East Bay and let me tell you. . .THIS PLACE HAS THE CLOSEST TASTING FLAVORS to your typical dairy ice cream.

    It's creamy with no cashew after taste, almond flavor, or coconut cream. It's SOY based and I'm a fan.

    Once they add a Cookies N Cream and Fruity Pebbles add-in, I'll be here all week.

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    My friend and I, between the both of us, ended up sampling all the flavors. The owner told us they just opened in Dec. 2017 and his partner makes all the ice cream right there.

    I went with the pineapple in a waffle cone which was super delicious. Apparently it was the second batch since it was so popular that they went through the whole first container. I haven't ever seen pineapple offered anywhere before so that was a huge reason to try it. Then to top it off, it was my favorite among the different options.

    I usually hate getting two scoops of the same thing because I get tired of having one flavor very quickly, but two scoops of the pineapple was so worth it. Moreover, I felt light and fresh when I was done eating it since it isn't as heavy as cow milk based ice cream. It was a great feeling to not have felt like I ate terrible junk and not have felt gross afterwards.

    They switch up their flavors daily so I'll have to come back on another day to try their other popular options like lavender.

    I highly recommend you, vegan or not, check this place out for the unique and yummy flavors.

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    I work a block away so I thought I'd give this place a try. There isn't that many food options in the immediate area so this place is a welcome addition.

    You can sample flavors. My regular favorite is good ol' Strawberry and their's was pretty good so I ordered a scoop. They used soy milk instead of regular milk, I'm not sure if that's how they do all of their flavors but that was how they did the Strawberry.

    I would be curious if vegan ice cream is healthier, e.g. less sugar, fat or calories. Despite being Asian I'm fortunately not lactose intolerant but this might be a good option for my friends who are.

    Not sure if an ice cream place can last in that area with how it's currently set up but I wish them luck.

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